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James Baroud Rooftop Tents

James Baroud is a European company dedicated to adventure and 4WD travel. Twenty years of research, design development and testing stand behind their rooftop tents, and it shows.

James Baroud staff from the CEO to the design team are all experienced adventure FWD drivers. James Baroud even employ a former Paris To Dakar rally pilot just to conduct proving tests of each model.

They are built to exacting ISO world standards and underline everything you’d expect from a quality ‘European build’.

These are not cheap imitations; they are the real thing and the design most often copied by our competitors.

The patented automatic opening system of their hard shell rooftop tents means only 10 seconds to erect and less than 30 seconds to stow away and their ability to withstand the most extreme weather conditions and outstanding construction make these world leaders and your first choice in hard shell roof top tents.

James Baroud rooftop tents are used by the support crews in the Paris to Dakar rallies, so what better recommendation for reliability and durability can you get?

James Baroud are so confident of the quality of their tents and accessories that they are the only ones to offer a full 5 years guarantee.

Auto Bivouac are the sole Australian distributors for James Baroud rooftop tents, awnings and 4WD accessories.


Visit the James Baroud website


Why Use A Rooftop Tent ?

explorerx500A rooftop tent creates extra space inside your vehicle. Think about how much room is taken up with traditional tents and bedding... and think what you could do with that extra space? It may mean being able to take an extra person on your next trip.

While your friends are dealing with the ropes, pegs and poles of traditional tents, your James Baroud rooftop tent is open and ready to use in less than 10 seconds. It just doesn't get any easier.

Sleeping elevated away from rough ground on a comfortable foam mattress, screened from biting insects and unwanted pests, your cosy sleeping space is thoroughly waterproof, wind tested to 120 KM/hour and well ventilated.

Fantastic for a weekend away fishing, surfing safari or an extended touring holiday, their versatility also make them the preferred option for outback or cross country travel required as part of your work or research.

It's also good to know that our range of hard shell rooftop tents are equally suitable for sedans, station wagons, vans and utes. Check out our gallery to see the range of vehicles using our rooftop tents and some ingeneous mounting configurations. visit our gallery.

Beware of cheap imitations. A closer look at the specifications of our competitors will soon show that only James Baroud has maintained the fastidious quality standards in the development and manufacture of these tents, ISO ratings for the fabric, fittings, mattress etc and a 5 year guarantee on fabric, hull and mechanism.

Auto Bivouac are proud to release these remarkable products into Australia and believe that James Baroud hard shell, rooftop tents offer a new and exciting alternative to traditional camping accommodation, giving you a new level of freedom to go wherever you vehicle can go.

In these changing times it’s always good to find better ways to do things and this is definitely a better way to go camping.

Hi Guys, just a note to let you know how much I enjoy using the rooftop tent, we've had some great trips. The ease of setup and packup of this tent is absolutely perfect, been in some cold wet and windy conditions without any hassles.Thanks for the great product.

David Stripeikis

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How to buy

Choosing the right product

Please contact us or your nearest dealer by phone or email for further information regarding our products. We can advise on the suitability for your own specific vehicle and provide full technical information on our products. We can also arrange a personal demonstration when we are in your area as part of our planned roadshow itinerary.


Orders can be placed by phone or email to us or your nearest dealer. Please include your contact details if using email.

Payment methods

Payment can be made using EFT (electronic Funds Transfer), cheque,  money order, or credit card (with extra charge).


rooftop tent mounted on a camper trailerrooftop tent mounted on a camper trailer

Beware of Cheap Copies

We all like a bargain, as long as it 'does the job", but here's something worth considering when buying a 'bargain' rooftop tent.
Its 2 am, you and your missus have gone to bed and a strong wind develops. A James Baroud tent is rated to withstand a 120 km/hr wind... how's the cheap copy going.

It can be quite frightening being caught in extreme weather, especially in a tent. It's also the pointy end of a bad purchase decision and where the structural integrity of your tent and the materials used are tested. And quite likely the patience of your missus.

A James Baroud rooftop tent has been designed for, and tested in the most extreme weather conditions and built using top quality parts, fabrics and components.

So, if being caught in a storm on the roof of your car, in the middle of the night in a cheap rooftop tent, doesn't appeal to you, then the decision is easy.

Ask, Is the rooftop tent your considering rated to high wind strengths? Built to ISO world standards? Covered by a 5 year guarantee on hull, fabric and mechanism? If not then it may be very embarrassing if tested against the elements.

James Baroud have spent years developing our product range, hold many patents for the designs used in our tents and we stand